MOVIES: Redemption & second chances by Phil Boatwright

posted Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Trust Fund

New to DVD through Amazon, Trust Fund has young Reese Donahue (Jessica Rothe) betraying her father by stealing from an inheritance and running off to what she thinks will be greener pastures. When Reese returns home laden with guilt, her father's forgiveness gently teaches her the folly of moral apathy.

A prodigal parable updated to include a bit of "Desperate Housewives" intrigue, this absorbing drama is well-acted, thought-provoking and clean (unlike Desperate Housewives). Jessica Rothe has a captivating screen presence and the producers revert back to a time when a film's essentials were not CGI effects, but were story, character and performance.

The original prodigal account and the many subsequent Hollywood takes on the biblical parable serve to remind that while we all at some point make selfish decisions which have a harmful effect on our lives and those of others, God will forgive a repentant heart and restore us to a relationship with Him (Psalm 32). Though not made with an altar call in mind, Trust Fund stealthy incorporates these same spiritual principles. (PG)