Out of all the writers and storytellers, I have a favorite. It’s who I look to for inspiration. He was able to hold an audiences’ attention like no one else: he drew large crowds. He’s a bestselling author and has been for quite some time. I can reread his work and each time I find new meaning behind in his words. Jesus was the master storyteller.

He used parables to relate to his listeners, making it easier for them to understand his teachings, while also hiding truth: what a beautiful mystery. The subject matter of the prodigal is still relevant today, but unless you’re familiar with farming, and have been around a pig pen, how would you know what slopping the pigs is like, or what kind of desperation it would take to want to eat their food? You might ask if it’s organic, or do they have gluten free options?

The prodigal story tells of one son wanting his inheritance before his father is even dead. But today Inheritances are often replaced with Trust Funds, and children are getting money before their parents die. So, what if, a father was concerned that after his wife’s passing, his adult children were not ready for the responsibilities that come with a large inheritance. What if he wanted them to grow up, find their own way, and not be paralyzed with the knowledge that they were taken care of.

Many wealthy parents and grandparents today are finding what they worked so hard for their entire life, is not only being taken for granted but literally lost. Many are deciding to keep fortunes out of reach until these adult children are ready to be not only fiscally responsible but socially responsible. Philanthropy is very high on many of the wealthy’s list.

I wanted to keep all the themes of the prodigal story: rebellion, greed, bitterness, grace, forgiveness, and redemption because they still exist today! And most of us who have a sibling may know what sibling rivalry is. It’s not just you; it’s all families, just read the Bible. I had to start with Cain and Able, because they were the first siblings. But there's Jacob and Esau, Joseph and his brothers, and in comparison, the prodigal brothers don't even seem that bad. And it's not just the guys, what about Leah, she slept with her sister’s fiance'. We probably wouldn't let our kids watch that movie!

Trust Fund is a new telling of an old story. The prodigal story with a twist; it's a love story. Trust Fund brings to life the story of Reese Donahue, a young woman who betrays her family and questions everything they stand for when she chases after what she thinks is love. Only when she loses everything will she finally discover what she was looking for.

Don't miss out on the lessons here. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to your daughters about choosing the right guy, and trusting their family over a guy they just met! In the movie, Reese is vulnerable; she misses her mother, she’s in that in-between place, where she isn't quite sure who she is and where she's going. She's so focused on what she doesn't have; she can't see what she already has. Look for Trust Fund coming to DVD/Digital July 18th.