Trust Fund review by Four Violet

I Love Movie reviews and this next Movie review also came with a Book....even better!  Several weeks ago we received the movie, Trust Fund from Mapelle Films along with the book, Love Was Near.  Both are intended for ages 12+, but can be appropriate for younger kiddos if the movie is watched as a family to promote discussion.
As soon as we opened the movie we watched it that very night.  Popped some popcorn, grabbed some chocolate and we were ready for movie night!  The whole family watched it the 1st time, even Kaden who is 10 and Dad.  We all enjoyed it so much we ended up watching it a week or so later just Mahala and I. We were thrilled to find out that the Producer of the Movie, Isaac Alongi was a Homeschooler back in the 80's.  It's cool to see all the different career paths our Homeschooled kids go on.

This movie is a lot like the Prodigal Son. Kaden pointed that much out to us from the get go.  But, it has a twist because it's about Sisters.  The main character and Daughter is Reese, I could relate to her in a way that I know what it's like to be searching for Love, any kind of Love.  My parents died when I was 11 and 12 years old.  Reese lost her Mom at 16, people deal with loss and many ways.  The older Sister was structured and disciplined and Reese was on the hunt for something more playing the typical 'baby" of the family that gets away with more then she should.  That was what registered in my heart.  She ended up making some pretty poor decisions because she had "entitlement-itis" and ended up losing it all.  Without giving the movie away I will say that by the end I was proud of Reese and where she was going.  The change is evident in both Sisters as they take on new rolls.

 The setting in the movie is in Chicago and Italy....boy was the scenery gorgeous.  The acting was terrific, I loved the realness and connection I felt.  There were times I forgot I was actually watching a movie because I was so invested. :)  Now the book, Love Was Near .....I couldn't wait to take it out and start reading.  And to see that it was the same title as Reese's book and of course the girl with the yellow dress on the cover is similar to Reese's book.  Mahala and I decided to take it on our upcoming camping trip.  Once we started reading we were thrilled to see it was not just a regular book, but a journal/study.  After getting some back story that wasn't shown in the movie it dives right in to questions about your place in the family.  Mahala is the middle child, but her experience is kind of unique.  She is Kaden's older sibling and she very much acts like the oldest or 1st born, way more then the actual 1st born in our family.  I think it has to do with Kaden having Autism.  The way the chapters are set up you begin reading the story and then it goes into a Diary entry with cool doodles and or snap shots and then there are some real thought provoking questions.  The questions address the what the chapter is about.  One of my favorites was Reese saying she was so focused on what she didn't have that she couldn't see all that she did have.  And then asked if we had ever done that.  Mahala and I would always both answer and this gave us hours and hours of conversation.  Another favorite from the book was to describe who we are in just 3 words and also give 3 words that others would describe us.
 Here is another golden nugget from the book...... 

How far will You go?  How much of Yourself are You willing to give up or give to someone for love or whatever it is You're chasing after?

Can I get an AMEN?!?!  We read that, jotted it down on a 3x5 card and taped it to our fridge.  Another chapter I think it was 19 talks about giving your Power away.  I have been a Co-Dependent person my whole life.  And I based my happiness on the happiness of others.  Not anymore, and my goal is to raise my Daughter to never pick up that Co-Dependent Hat....leave it, don't even look at it.  

So, I can honestly say I Loved Trust Fund and Love Was Near.  I think every young girl should get this for her 13th Birthday!  I will cherish our words written in both Mine and Mahala's handwriting in the book and I look forward to passing on this movie to friends.  If you have kiddos that are around 12, especially a daughter.  Pick these two up and have a girls night with treats.  Watch the movie and then find snuggle time a few nights a week and go through the book together.  You will be glade you did....I promise you!